Fall Color Gardens vs. Fall Annuals, What’s the Difference?

Fall has arrived at Hammock Gardens Nursery!

Are you ready to refresh your Summer-tired landscape? Now that the cool weather is creeping in, fall annuals will start growing better, faster and be ready to get into the ground or containers.  If you are anxious and want fall color before all the annuals are ready, here is a list of plants and flowers that can give you that harvest fall color of rich bronzes, bright yellows, purple, reds & burgundy:

Crotons, Creeping Jenny, ‘Little Ruby’ alternanthera, Marigolds, Fountain Grass, Sweet potato vine and Mums 

These plants will give you joy and autumn color from September through December or until our first cold snap. Depending on where you live or if your container is protected from the cold, they may or may not get damaged in the cold.

Here in Florida, we consider fall to be the second planting season.  If you get your fall annuals in early, you may have color from fall, winter and into spring! Try to plant your fall annuals in by end of November/ early December.  Here's a list of plants that give you great fall color in planting beds and containers:

Geraniums, Petunias, Proven Winner’s Supertunias, Petunias, Dianthus, Alyssum, Snap Dragons and Flowering Kale, Cabbage, Dusty Miller, Verbena, Violas, Pansies, Baby Sunrose, Sedum, Crown of Thorns, and Proven Winner’s Blue My Mind (Blue Daze).

If you live in the area of Palm Coast, Florida- Please join our next Fall Container Garden Workshop on Saturday, Nov. 14th, 10-11:30am, cost $25.  Learn how to create your own artistic fall container garden, what soil to use in containers and how to care for it.  With assistance, create your own fall container garden to take home and enjoy for the season!