Looking for a Quality Landscaping Company in North East Florida?


Check out Hammock Gardens. We take care of you from start to finish.

An inviting landscape design complete with colorful, Florida-friendly plants can be a beautiful addition to your home or business property. Hammock Gardens will help you achieve just this type of outside beauty.

At Hammock Gardens, we’re very familiar with landscaping in the coastal, intercoastal and inland regions of North East Florida. Because of our expertise in landscaping in this region, we can offer you a beautiful, lasting design that will thrive in your location. 

In each of our landscaping jobs, Hammock Gardens incorporates years of experience, quality materials and a genuine concern for your satisfaction. 

Our Successful Landscapes Mature Beautifully


Our goal is to install a residential or commercial landscape for you that can be enjoyed for a long, long time. We care about the lasting success of our designs and strive to give you the right advice always.

“A successful landscape matures like good wine – when you look at it in five years it looks even better than when it was first installed” – Mike Fonseca

One thing we steer clear of is the temptation overplant in order to achieve a “mature” look when finished with installation. We feel that overplanting can ruin a good landscape design making plants suffer from overcrowding as they grow. 

We try to focus on the types of plants that will not only flourish in your location, but also grow well together. So in the end – it’s you, the customer, who wins with a lasting design.

Customer Service is Our Priority


Our landscaping company puts you first.

Our landscaping company wants to make sure that we create the perfect design for you right from the start. 

We’ll meet with you at your location, listen to you and follow up with a plan that will get you the look you are trying to achieve. Our landscaping company can even photograph your location and create a computer generated design of what the finished project is going to look like. 

We keep you involved in the process - making sure that all our work meets your specifications.

We’re a Full-Service Landscaping Company

Meeting all your landscaping needs in North East Florida

We’ve got all you need for your custom landscape design:

  • Outdoor Landscape Lighting
  • Specialty Irrigation Systems
  • Brick and Stone Pavers
  • Natural Rock Installation
  • Quality and Healthy Plants

Environmentally Conscious Irrigation Systems

We know that conserving water is important to many Floridians, so when it comes to setting up the underground watering system in your landscape design, we can install eco-friendly drip line irrigation. 

Because some plants do require more water, we also install sprinkler (rotor/spray) irrigation. But we make sure we have different irrigation zones for different plants so the least amount of water is being used.  

Enjoy Our On-site Palm Coast Garden Center

Our garden center makes it convenient for you to come in and choose from our wide selection of Florida – friendly plants for your landscape design. We also offer a wide variety of garden accents that will help you personalize your design.

Since our landscaping company always amends the soil in our designs, it’s nice to know that we are using our garden center’s trusted products like potting soils, soil conditioners, fertilizers and mulches to give your new plants a great start.